When it comes to providing SEO services we understand it can be a steep learning curve, you are expected to deal with everything when it comes to following up on the things we need. Add on top of that the questions you get from the client and the extra time the client needs from you to make the package a success for everyone can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

That is why our white label direct contact addon could be the thing you need to really help your agency grow without getting bogged down in the things both your client and we need.

With this addon you get a number of benefits:

  • We handle all the direct contact with the client that can be done from a distance i.e email and/or Slack
  • We chase up all the outstanding approvals, form fills and phone verification setups needed direct with the client.
  • We can send the reporting directly.
  • We answer any questions about the package directly with the client leveraging our teams local SEO expertise and knowledge about our package and systems so you`ll never get caught out if the client throws you a curveball.

We Offer Two Options

Option 1

If the client is happy to deal directly with our Philippines based managers in slack and via email, we suggest this option. Giving them direct access to our team gives your client faster turn around times and a deeper connection to our work. Our team are fluent in English and have the best knowledge and training with everything to do with Local SEO with each manager specializing in specific key areas we work on. 

Option 2

We can handle all communication with your client under our white-label email address admin@seolocateam.com. This option gives us more ability to function under your business name so the client will never suspect anything is outsourced. This option works well if you want to maintain your branding across all of your services.
You will be cc`d into all important communication with the client, if the message is via slack you`ll also have access to the Slack channel so you`ll always be kept in the loop about what is going on with your client.

The direct white label contact addon is $150 per month on top of your Local SEO package.

Being able to free up communication with your clients will not only improve the service for your client via more direct communication with us but allow you to get on with whats really important to your growth, getting more sales.